October 14, 2019

I stopped bodybuilding supplements for 3 months, here’s what happened

By In fitness

I have been working out for 9 years now, somehow along the way I got used to supplements. I couldn’t workout without my pre-workout and felt weak without my protein shake.

So I stopped bodybuilding supplements for 3 months, here’s what happened.

  1. I studied my diet, and found out that im already taking enough proteins
  2. I saved a lot of Money
    Between whey proteins, pre-workout and amino, I was paying around 150$ per month for supplements. Thats 450$ in 3 months only.
  3. I am not bloated anymore.
  4. I replaced my pre-workout with black Coffee
    I had to replace my coffee with decaf coffee during the day, and only drink caffeine before gym. And it worked. I really have a lot of energy.I didn’t lose my progress
  5. .My recovery from my workouts is still the same
  6. i didn’t need any recovery supplements after all
  7. My liver enzymes went back to normal. ( Pre-workout supplements can elevate your Liver enzymes.)

Who really needs supplements

The thing is that supplement manufacturers will try anything to make you buy supplements and rely on them. The Dietary Supplements Market is set to be Worth $194.63 Billion By 2025. So when you go to a supplement store, the sales will try their best to make you walk out with the most number of products. Not because you need them, just because he’s trying to do his job and sell.

You can grow muscles without protein powder. You only need to reach your daily protein requirement which is anywhere between 0.7 till 1.8 grams per kilos. You don’t need any other supplements, if you’re following a balanced diet. In fact Vitamin and Supplements are harmful to your health, if taken without prescription.

Consult your dietician and not your gym trainer

If you’re in doubt. If you think that you’re not eating well. And that you need more protein, its better to consult with a dietician beforehand. The dietician will assist your daily intake and help you reach your targets. Its better to invest Money and learn how to eat right rather than buy supplements randomly.