July 4, 2022

My Workout and diet for June 2022 explained

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The past few months have been very stressful; As a result I had to lower the intensity of my workouts and allow myself to break my diet often. I ended up finding my self a bit out of shape in June, which pushed me to follow a very strict diet and intense workout to be able to be in shape before I travel again.

The basics of my workout and diet are kinda almost always the same. I have the same diet and workout since 2018. If you check my posts on diet and workout you will find out the guidelines i follow to stay in shape. This post is meant to build on my diet and workout to optimize my results.

My diet

The idea behind my diet is not only to eat high protein, but also to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits and avoid refined carbs. It kinda combines healthy and fit, and yes there is a big difference between both.

I followed my diet exactly as it’s written with the following changes :

  • got rid of Medium carbs day.
  • replaced some of my chicken meals with protein flan
  • I took Garlic, Omega 3, L carnitine, and Vitamin D as supplements
  • I increased my intake of fruits and vegetables
  • If i am still hungry after my meals, I add 150 grams of Broccoli
  • I drank a lot of black coffee
  • Cheat Meals were allowed once per week or twice.

My workout

I worked out twice everyday of the week, except for Saturday and Friday, when I did only one workout per day.

The first workout session is done usually when i wake up either on empty stomach or Jelly beans and it has: 10 min low cardio to warm up, 60 min strength training and 10-35 low cardio to cool down.

The second workout session has 30 min of high intensity cardio ( steps, running,elliptical ). And 20 min of low intensity cardio.


I slept for average 7.5 hours each day. I would say that having good quality sleep is as important as my workout and diet.