December 27, 2020

fitness and meal plan : My diet December 2020

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My current fitness and meal plan is really simple and easy to follow. It has a lot of carbs, fruits, vegetables, meat and proteins.

The diet plan will work best for people with similar stats as me.  I am 85 kg, 171 cm, 10%BF.

I split my macros into 5 meals and eat almost every 3 hours.  Each meal has around 30 -50 grams of protein and 500-700 calories on average consists of Proteins, Carbs and Vegetables (or Fruits).

However I avoid sauces, oil , butter and processed food such as bread.

Meals outline:

How the basic meal looks like :

75 grams carbs uncooked or 200 grams cooked, 150 grams protein, 1 serving of fruits or vegetable, with or without healthy fats serving.


A Fruits serving is half banana, one apple, 150 grams of frozen berries or 2 kiwis

Where as a Healthy fats serving is 1/2 avocado ( 60 grams) or 30 grams of nuts.

Finally, a vegetables serving is 150 -200 grams of non starchy vegetables such as broccoli, zucchini and spinach.

Meal plan example

Breakfast #1:  (75) grams white flour, 3 eggs white, 1 protein scoop, 1 serving of fruits , 1 serving of healthy fats

Breakfast #2: (175) grams sweet potato, 120 grams red meat, 1 serving of veggies

Lunch #1: (60) grams rice, 150 grams chicken , 150 grams legumes

Lunch #2: Same as 3 or you can replace it with  one scoop of protein + 250 grams 0 %fat cottage cheese + 1 serving of fruits

And lastly Dinner : 175 grams of potatoes lettuce (if bulking or you still need calories),  tuna can , 1/2 avocado, 1 onion

Preparation tips:

 meal#1 : The flan

First, Mix flour, protein scoop and eggs whites in a bowl. If the mix was stiff, dilute it with water or 0 fat milk. You might add saccharine and other non calorific sweeteners to enhance flavor. Then, place the bowl in the microwave for 3 minutes, leave it to cool down and add fruits and nuts as topping.

Similarly, you can also cook the mix in the pan and make pancakes instead.

Resistant starch

There is a type of starch called resistant starch, it resists digestion and fills you up, however it doesn’t give you all the calories from the food itself.  This type of starch is either uncooked starch like raw oats and green bananas, or starch that has been cooked and cooled down like sweet potatoes.


Choose your favorite legumes and cook them in the oven for 30 minutes or simply use frozen veggies. My favorites are zucchini, carrots and spinach.


  • I use literary any whey protein powder available ( the cheapest the better),  you can even use multi-phase proteins such as syntha-6.
  • Omega 3, you don’t need the omega 6 and 9, there is already plenty in the food we eat.
  • L-carnitine (optional)
  • Garlic pills
  • Pathogen ( might have dmaa sometimes)

Keep it exciting

Try to keep it as exciting as possible. For the most part the challenge is to make sure that this diet is working for my goals while I’m enjoy food and a little versatility to keep my diet exciting.

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