October 5, 2018

Hypertrophy Pull 5 Days split workout

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It’s important to change your workout, every while to keep shocking your body and achieve more results.  Last month, I came across this workout on redit. I have been following it since then. I have to say that it’s really one of the best workouts I ever followed.

1: Upper Body PowerPurposeSet Scheme
Bench PressPower Pushing3 sets of 3-5
Weighted Pull UpsAssistance Pulling2 sets of 6-10
Horizontal RowAuxiliary Pulling2 sets of 6-10
Weighted DipsAssistance Pressing2 sets of 6-10
Pendlay RowsPower Pulling3 sets of 3-5
Dumbbell Shoulder PressAssistance Pressing3 sets of 6-10
Cambered Bar CurlsAuxiliary Curling3 sets of 6-10
Dumbbell Skull CrushersAuxiliary Extension3 sets of 6-10
2: Lower Body PowerPurposeSet Scheme
SquatsPower Pressing3 sets of 3-5
Hack SquatsAssistance Pressing2 sets of 6-10
Leg ExtensionsAssistance Extension2 sets of 6-10
Stiff Legged DeadliftsAssistance Pulling3 sets of 5-8
Leg CurlsAssistance Curling2 sets of 6-10
Standing Calf RaiseAuxiliary Calf3 sets of 6-10
Seated Calf RaiseAuxiliary Calf2 sets of 6-10
4: Back & Shoulders HTPurposeSet Scheme
Pendlay RowsSpeed Pulling6 sets of 3
Horizontal RowHypertrophy Pulling3 sets of 8-12
Seated Cable RowHypertrophy Pulling3 sets of 8-12
Braced Dumbbell RowsHypertrophy Pulling2 sets of 12-15
Close Grip PulldownsHypertrophy Pulling2 sets of 15-20
Dumbbell Shoulder PressHypertrophy Shoulder3 sets of 8-12
Upright RowsHypertrophy Shoulder2 sets of 12-15
DB Side Lateral RaisesHypertrophy Shoulder3 sets of 12-20
5: Lower Body HTPurposeSet Scheme
SquatsSpeed Pressing6 sets of 3
Hack SquatsHypertrophy Pressing3 sets of 8-12
Leg PressHypertrophy Pressing2 sets of 12-15
Leg ExtensionsHypertrophy Extension3 sets of 15-20
Romanian DeadliftHypertrophy Pulling3 sets of 8-12
Lying Leg CurlsHypertrophy Curling2 sets of 12-15
Seated Leg CurlsHypertrophy Curling2 sets of 15-20
Donkey Calf RaisesHypertrophy Calf4 sets of 10-15
Seated Calf RaisesHypertrophy Calf3 sets of 15-20
6: Chest & Arms HTPurposeSet Scheme
Dumbbell PressSpeed Pressing6 sets of 3
Incline Dumbbell PressHypertrophy Pressing3 sets of 8-12
Incline Chest PressHypertrophy Pressing3 sets of 12-15
Incline Cable FlysHypertrophy Fly2 sets of 15-20
Preacher CurlsHypertrophy Curling3 sets of 8-12
DB Concentration CurlsHypertrophy Curling2 sets of 12-15
Spider CurlsHypertrophy Curling2 sets of 15-20
Cambered Bar Tricep ExtensionHypertrophy Extension3 sets of 8-12
Cable Pressdowns w/ RopeHypertrophy Extension2 sets of 12-15
Cable KickbacksHypertrophy Extension2 sets of 15-20

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