July 28, 2019

How to stick to your diet on flight day

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Keeping my macros and diet in check on flight day, is really hard. There is almost nothing healthy at the airpots; simply because you don’t really know how much carbs, salt, oil and sugar is in your food. And though packing your own meals might sound like a good idea, it’s not. Most food will spoil within less than 3 hours outside the fridge. Read this post to know how to stick to your diet on flight day.

Stick to your diet on flight day.

Register yourself as diabetic on airlines.

Midflight meals are unhealthy and very caloric. But, the good thing is that most airlines have diabetic meals. Which is usally our best option, sincediabetic meals will have a low glycemic index. While booking your flight, make sure to select the diabetic meal.

On my recent flight with Tarom Airline, the diabetic meal had :

  • 1 apple (70 calories)
  • 80g grilled chicken breast (24 protein , 131 calories)
  • 60 grilled potatoes (93 calories)
  • 20 grams boiled green beans (16 calories)
  • 20 grams boiled carrots ( 8 calories)

that’s 320 calories with around 27 grams of protein. I can even add more carbs and stay on track. If you want to compare this to the normal meal. The diabetic meal had almost as much calories as the snack in the normal meal.

Prepare your protein and high fiber cereal shake

Almost every blog and resource on the internet will tell you to prepare and take your protein shake with you. I don’t know about you. But the protein shake on its own is not enough to fill me up.

This is why, I decided to try high fiber cerael and it was amazing. You can choose any cereal that you like, it really depends on your own preference. Just don’t add water to the mix till you pass the security control.

I choose to use Kellogs all bran; 1 scoop of protein with 1 serving of Kellogs all bran, has 340 calories. 30 grams of protein, 11 grams of fiber.

Make apples your travel companion

I tried to carry on flights many different fruits with me. They usually spoil fast, or end up tasting bad. This is why apples are really good! They’re dont spoil easily and they taste very good.

Found out whatevever works for you

There is always a million way to do anyting. Its a matter of personal preference. You should find whatever works for you and your goals and stick with it.

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