July 2, 2019

How I managed to get more ripped for summer

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In this post i will share with you the strategy that helped me drop fat and get my abs to be more defined.

I’d like first to remind you, that I’m not a registered dietian, my posts talk about the steps im taking to become more fit, from the prespective of a bodybuilder and a blogger.

For those of you who have just started following my progress, checkout my diet plan, and my workout.

I’ve been able to achieve good results, over the past year with my diet and workout. But To be able to reach this phase, i had to actually make some changes to my diet, workout and lifestyle. The point during this phase was to make sure that my body is as healthy as possible, therefore i had to make sure that; I’m not cutting out any food group, over-stressing my body or crashing my self.

Diet changes

  • Because caffeine and stress can both elevate “the stress hormone” aka as cortisol levels, I stopped drinking coffee, and limited my caffeine intake to the preworkout drink, and some green tea.
  • Ate a lot of non starchy veggies with each meal.
  • Started adding 10 g of olive oil to 2 of my meals.
  • Replaced the nuts in my breakfast with half an avocado, because I am intolerant to nuts.
  • Ate a lot of cherries and watermelon to calm my sugar cravings.
  • Started peeling off cucumbers, sweet potatoes and potatoes, to reduce bloating from fiber overload.
  • Stopped consuming protein shakes and focused on protein from real food .
  • Forced my self to eat Tuna post workout ( i really hate tuna)
  • Drank a lot of water
  • Drank a lot of tea
  • Added tumeric to rice, salads and everything.
  • Made sure im eating a variety of veggies and fruits.
  • Cut out red meat all together from my diet.
  • Occasionally Used light soy sauce and mustard (although they’re high in sodium), to keep my food interesting
  • Removed already mixed spices all together from meals, since they’re very high in sodium.
  • Replaced egg whites with whole eggs ( 1 whole egg = 3 egg whites)

Workout changes

  • Started doing 8-10 reps x 4 sets ( instead of 5 x5), without decreasing my weights.
  • Added Abs to Legs day, and made sure i commited my self to doing abs at least 2 times per week.
  • Added weight to my leg raises excercises.
  • Did incline crunshes without any weight for me to focus contracting my abs, instead of using my back and neck ( like everyone else does).
  • Didnt do any cardio, but made sure that im walking 14000 steps per day.
  • Forced my self to rest on Sunday.
  • Did two workouts sessions on my days off from work ( except sunday)

Lifestyle changes

  • I tried my best to reduce stress and stress sources. And this is really hard if you’re have a full time job.
  • Finished an intensive nuitrition course. Which helped me fix a lot of things in my diet.
  • Took my prepared meals out with me when on the beach or meeting my friends.

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