February 14, 2021

diet hacks for everyone

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Sticking to a new diet can be overwhelming sometimes. Just google fitness plans and you will find promises of health and well-being readily available for you to download and follow. You can find my December Diet plan here. In this post, we will discuss few hacks you can apply to your diet, if you’re not ready to completely follow a new diet.

jed ismael varna 2021 diet hacks for everyone

Our goal is to optimize our health so that at least we prevent or stop weight gain. We are trying to slowly fix our lifestyle without making big changes yet. The most effective strategy is managing our energy balance while eating enough proteins.

Healthy behavior patterns have a better chance of taking hold, if we’re enjoying our food. I have experimented with my diet a lot, until i found the right way to do it. Diets do not work unless you’re really able to enjoy and tick to them.

diet hacks: The American Dietetic Association lists 10 ways that you can cut calories.

  1. Get the facts—know what is in your food.
  2. Limit alcohol.
  3. Use smaller plates.
  4. Order kid-size portions.
  5. Serve in the kitchen; eat in the dining room.
  6. Eat slowly.
  7. Use plates—do not eat straight from the package or tray.
  8. Eat plant foods—fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  9. Switch to lower-fat dairy products.
  10. Dull is better—food that appears shiny is likely high in calories

(Get the full list at American Dietetic Association, “Ten Ways.”)

My diet hacks that everyone can easily follow:

  1. replace caloric sweeteners with non caloric ones such as Stevia or Aspartame.
  2. Don’t drink your calories; eat your fruits don’t drink them. One cup of orange juice has 3 oranges and around the same amount of sugar as soda.
  3. make sure your plate is 50% non starchy vegetables, 25% carbs and 25% proteins
  4. replace sauces with spices
  5. replace processed carbs such as bread with potatoes, sweet potatoes, quinoa and oats
  6. remove all candies and caloric snacks from your shopping list and go for fruits instead
  7. eat more proteins
  8. Since fat is the most caloric dense macro-nutrient, it makes sense to cut our fat intake. For example by only eating egg whites.
  9. Also its important to avoid cooking using fats (oil and butter) and to get a non stick pan.
  10. Read the nutrition table facts. You have to really understand them, sometimes you might see that a chocolate bar has 100 calories per serving, but the bar itself is 5 servings, so if you decide to eat it because its only 100 calories and you end up eating 400 extra calories

Out of sight out of mind

We eat what we see. After a lot of research and from my own experience; i can ensure to you that we often end up eating what we see. So the best strategy to avoid eating junk all the time, is not having junk food readily available for us at the house.