April 15, 2021

Broccoli and potatoes puree with chicken bodybuilding recipe

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It’s a struggle to keep food exciting when you are eating almost the same ingredients everyday. My meals are basically consisted of 150 grams of protein, veggies and carbs. Which is really boring. No matter how much you like your meals initially, you will get bored and lose appetite at some point.

Benefits of making Vegetables Purée

In addition to the benefits of eating more non starchy vegetables here are some benefits :

  • Adds thickness to your potatoes which makes you feel full while eating less carbs.
  • Adds flavour to your veggies and make them more enjoyable/tolerable .
  • Its versatile, you can always try new veggies.
  • Potatoes add thickness to the mix, which makes it creamy.

Broccoli and potatoes puree with chicken bodybuilding recipe

Chicken with Broccoli and Potatoes Purée


  1. 150 grams broccoli ( Calories 34 per serving)
  2. 150 of unpeeled potatoes ( 138 calories per serving)
  3. 100 ml skimmed milk ( 37 calories per serving)
  4. 150 grams of grilled chicken breast (259 calories per serving) /alternatively you can switch chicken with your favourite protein

Nutrition Facts

Calories 488
Total Fat 8g (Saturated Fat 2g)
Total Carbohydrate 48g
Dietary Fiber 8.3g
Total Sugars:9g
Protein 67g

How to prepare

  • Cook the potatoes in the microwave until they’re tender (usually takes around 8 minutes)
  • Cook the broccoli in the microwave for 3 minutes
  • Mix the potatoes, broccoli and milk in the blender until its smooth.
  • Serve them with your grilled chicken, add salt as per your taste .


  • Replace broccoli with cauliflower
  • You can bake the potatoes in oven or boil them
  • You can also boil the broccoli, but make sure to use all of its water. Broccoli has water soluble vitamins that will be lost in the water.
broccoli purée with salmon