July 6, 2021

An elavated metabolic rate might cause insomnia

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I havent slept since January 2021. My family and friends know that I am not able to sleep at night. So I decided to listen to my body and figur eout what’s wrong.
At first i thought it was my anxiety only. So I tried to overcome it. I became more aware about what i feel and why. After suffering for so many months, it was about time that I examine this from a scientifique prespective.

jed ismael body progress

My watch suddenly vibrates indicating that my heartrate has bassed 110. I’m lying in bed relaxed with my eyes closed. So I tried focusing on my body, to understand what else I am feeling. And i notice that not only my heart rate is high, but also my body is warm, my blood pressure is high and im hungry.

If you have an elavated heartrate, bloodpressure and metabolic rate you will not be able to sleep at night

So I took a step back and rethought what I might be doing that might be causing these symptoms. I came across a lot of papers talking about the impact of high metabolism on sleep. “If you have an elavated heartrate, bloodpressure and metabolic rate you will not be able to sleep at night” Says Professor Roberta¬†H¬†Anding in one of her lectures about supplementation.

Professor Roberta H. Anding is a registered dietitian and Director of Sports Nutrition and a clinical dietitian at Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children's Hospital. 

Everything finally made sense for the first time, my diet and supplementations are optimized for me to increase my metabolic rate. My diet speciially near bed time is mostly protein, which in turn increase the metablic rate. Add to it the supplements I am taking to improve fat burning and my performance. And you will come up with the perfect recipe for a high metabolism and Insomnia in my case.

what happpened when I fixed my habits

So to fix my sleeping habits of course I started a course to help me overcome my anxiety. At the same time, I did few changes to lower my metabolism;

  • So I started intermittent fasting for 5 hours when i wake up
  • i cut down on the supplements and caffeiene
  • I limited my protein intake in my last meal.

And for the first time since January 19, 2021 I slept 8 hours, woke up super energetic, relaxed and had a lot of energy for my work, workout and daily shores.

We are often told to make our metabolism higher to burn more fat and build more muscle, but nobody warns us about the danger of getting this metabolism too high nor about the dangers of supplementations.