Hello my name is Jed Ismael and here’s my story

Ive always wanted to be working in the internet. Out of admiration, at the age of 15, I developed a fan site for Haifa Wehbe and ended up meeting her ❤️. Which in turn launched my career as a web developer even before starting university. As an 18 years old I was competing for jobs with much older professionals and I was beating them.

Starting my tech blog

Soon after, I started my own how to tech blog, which in turn often ended up being featured :
in national media for exposing security threats in banks and companies in Lebanon.
As well as in international media specially with my video about hidden porn on Instagram.

My Transition to personal and fitness blog

But the problem with tech blogging is that after you finish an article the story is over, which means I couldn’t built on that. No matter how much the story grows it, the moment you publish it, Its over. And I didn’t like that, I wanted to tell a story that I keep alive.

Last September my Instagram started getting more and more attention. Short story I was brushing my non existent hair, which made people crazy and led to my profile going viral all together.

As a result I launched my self titled blog JedIsmael in December 2020. And I started focusing more on Instagram, which led to few collaborations with brands, as well as me announcing my own gay sailing trip this June. I am still new at this kind of blogging, wish me luck❤️?.

My origins and my motives behind Instagram and my blog

I come from a very modest yet hardworking family. My dad taught me that I can get whatever I set my mind to and my journey has been just about that.

This is why you see me showing my abs, travel and crazy moments( and sometimes just being stupid). It’s kinda my way to express how blessed and proud i am.

I still have a long way to go. Make sure to follow me on my blog and Instagram to know what the next chapter holds for me.